Christmas came so fast this year that I forgot to love on December and all the magic that it brings. This month will always be my favorite, even when the busy stores and long lists get in the way of the sparkling streets and nostalgia. I hope I never become so blinded by the chaos that I miss the sweet story behind the season and all of the hope that it brings._MG_9790.jpg


So many thoughts and none of them poetic or logical. But here’s one for ya: this soup was pretty bomb.

Reading through the advent season has led me to realize that Jesus coming as our Savior was not only a gift but the story of our own rescue.

Somedays you wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, and answer all your emails before 9AM. Today I had three cups of coffee for breakfast and rolled into work at 11 AM. Ya win some, ya lose some.

In those moments where time stands still, we’re infinite & as young as ever, and that’s the truest form of you I’ll ever see

How freeing it is knowing that the Lord expects nothing but our genuine hearts when we come before His throne; and so humbly, I will come.

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