I think that Christians live under this impression that we will never measure up, we will never be good enough, we could never be worthy enough for God. But at the very same time, we forget that we are living the exact same life that Jesus did. We are human, but all the power of heaven is within us through the Holy Spirit. And I think that thought alone is so comforting to know that this thing called Christianity isn’t meant to be oppressive or unattainable by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, I find it so freeing to realize that I’m walking the very same life that the man that came to save me did. We are called to live like Jesus: physically human, but yearning to reflect God. 

Today I was struck by the wondrous fact that Jesus was human. I’ve grown up in church my entire life and I’ve never fully absorbed the truth that Jesus was God and also a normal human being. He ate dinner with friends, and had nights He couldn’t sleep. He had sick days, moments He knew he would cherish, and days He was tempted by the devil. He admired the beautiful earth that His Father had created, just like I have. And I can almost just imagine him standing on a cliff, overlooking a magnificent view, and thinking, “I know You made this just for me”, because that’s something I shamelessly do regularly. He laughed with His family, and I’m sure He had the kindest eyes and the warmest embrace. He got on his knees to wash His disciples dirty feet, when you know that His were just as sore and dirty. Jesus was human. He had every organ, bone, and vein that we do. He had a personality while He walked on this earth, this earth that He chose to come to because He had the all-consuming desire to be with the fellow humans His Father made. I’m humbled, in awe, and so in love with this perfect human that I get to call my Savior. 

PSA: this is the art you get when you put a pink flower in front of your lens. 

It absolutely blows my mind that people can believe that the complexity of humans, nature, and our ecosystem evolved from nothing. The human body has backup systems for our backup systems and no two bodies are identical. Animals have emotions and are intellectual. I think it’s the complexity of every living thing on this Earth that made me realize how powerful and big my God is. 

I think all I need is sitting on the edge of the world in fuzzy sweaters, talking about what we live for. 

those moments when you feel content 

so you drive home slowly 

listening to the crickets chirp 

catching flickers of light in tall grass

feeling the warm summer air drift through your windows 

lazily following the curves in the backroad 

not thinking of tomorrow 

just now, and everything that is pure 

I never thought that I would post a selfie on this blog, because that’s surely not what I made this for. But I also told myself I would become more genuine and talk about the things that mattered to me. When you have a night that you know is one for the books with almost all of your closest friends, you gotta blog it. I love these people tremendously. Each and every one of them are special to me in a different way and sometimes I think we skip over the value of recognizing your love for someone important to you. Tonight was the last night that we’ll all be together for a really long time. I caught myself sitting and realizing how much I would miss this perfect moment as I was living it. As much as that breaks my heart, I couldn’t be more proud of the friends I have and the incredible humans they are. I love you all. 

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