I’ve been dreaming of walking under the Arc de Triomf for years and on 3/8/18, it was even more incredible than I imagined it would be.


This view was brought to you by our random wanderings through Girona and Jess constantly saying “let’s go there”

Park G├╝ell was a scene out of a Willy Wonka movie, and I’m already trying to figure out when I can go to Europe next. I’ve officially come down with the travel bug.

Tonight I’ll fall asleep to bus horns honking and cars letting out deep sighs, a cool breeze is blowing in the window and I collect a new piece to the puzzle of my soul that I blame on wanderlust. Every time I find my way into a new city, some deep part of me I didn’t even know was yearning for it, falls in love. Barcelona is my favorite city to date, but I’ve got many more puzzle pieces to find.

3:30pm- “absolutely no tickets left for tonight’s flight out”

4:30pm- “your flight for tomorrow has been delayed an hour”

7pm-*pictured below*

8pm-*watching Harry Potter in bed with a food coma*

8:10pm-*phone rings- frantic packing follows*

8:30pm-*on the shuttle to the airport*

Should be on a plane over the ocean somewhere, but instead I get 3 more days in the good ole U S of A

Right now, I’m choosing to look at my blessings over my stressings. Like the fact that my boyfriend took me on a lovely date tonight, I had sparky ice cream, and that I (hopefully) get to embark on a grand adventure tomorrow with one of my oldest friends. Perspective is everything when there’s 48 hours of rain & wind on the way, but I’m holding onto the wonderful things I have instead of the hypothetical mishaps that might be on the horizon.

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