New coffee shops with him are amongst my favorite things.


Nostalgia is such a beautiful enemy, and I’ve been caught in it’s spell all day.

Every time I get to make something like this, I realizing how much of a Millennial job I have. 1.gif

Today I had the privilege of taking a fellow photographers family photos, someone I respect so much, and have had the privilege to work with. She complimented me so highly, enough to give me a new spark to remember that this isn’t just a hobby. Sometimes you turn around and wonder how you’ve made it this far, and I’m convinced that this is entirely what I was made for.

I’m learning that joy and happiness are unfortunately not the same thing. Happiness is so circumstantial whereas joy is every part of you and your mindset. Joy is finding the best in every situation and finding something to be happy about, even when life circumstances don’t call for it. Happiness can be found, but joy is something that’s created and chosen. They will feel oddly similar, but they will look completely different. 

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