The stars make me feel so tiny and campfires always make me feel like I’m home. So no matter where I am in the world, if I feel the space that was once Lincoln Way East, I’ll build a fire & stare into the black sky. And when my heart is aching for North Main Street, I’ll order my coffee with cream and two sugars, just the way I like it. And God-forbid, when I miss 17202, I’ll find a big open field and walk barefoot til my head forgets the location and my heart doesn’t know the difference. 


so I’ll go back to that place where it was infinite & we were young 

lost in the great unknown of optimism 

and only then

 I’ll find my way home 

And just like the ones that are full of life, there’s ones that are barely hanging on. 

Find them and be the sunshine + rain that they need to keep surviving. 

When do you start listening to all the signs of the Earth instead of the small voice inside of you? 

That moment when your entire vision comes together and you can’t help but geek over what you made. 

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