I work at a coffee shop. It’s small, powered by locals, and has been loved to death. I see faces all day long. Most of them are familiar ones that I see everyday. We’re on a first name basis and I have their order ready for them before they even touch the door handle. We make small conversation. 
“How’s your morning going?”

“Nice day out today.”

“Love your shirt” 

It’s just routine, habit and then on to the next customer. I love the people here. They make this job everything that it is. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some regulars that make me want to rip my hair out, but I love seeing a familiar face come through the door. 

Theres “Medium Coffee, Room for Cream and Sugar” guy, “Ice water” lady, and “3 Mugs of Coffee” woman. That’s how they’re addressed. Some people I only know their order, not their names. And that struck me today. These people I encounter and serve everyday are no more than a drink order to me. I want to start living more intentionally, making an effort to know more about these people than how they like their coffee. Maybe instead of memorizing their order, I should memorize what they do for a living, what I can do to make them smile, or how many kids they have. I don’t believe in coincidence. These people were meant to cross paths with me. If I’m standing up for genuineness and intentionality, it starts with the people who intentionally come to my coffee shop.  


On the verge of a burnout, here’s tomorrow’s goals: 

-have more meaningful conversations 

-smile more at customers 


-tell someone I love them 

-drink plenty of coffee 

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